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hi, I'm EMILY

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hi, I'm EMILY

The Importance of Photo Prints in the Digital Age

You’ve gone out of your way to book a photographer, either to photograph a special occasion or to capture an ordinary but intentional moment that you want to treasure forever. So why haven’t you taken the time to print those photos? You’re not alone, my friend. About half of my clients never take the time to have photo prints prepared. While the digital age has done so many amazing things for our world, this lack of photo printing hurts my photography-loving heart. Why? I can’t imagine growing up without these photos. To this day they’re my treasured keepsakes that represent memories of my childhood and the people I love.

photo of a husband and wife smiling and leaning in for a kiss as an example of the perfect image to use for photo prints

Here are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing printed photos…

Photo Prints Make Great Gifts

Yes, I certainly appreciate the gift of a digital photo frame. But if you’re aiming to give a gift with sentimental value, a framed photo print, canvas, or heirloom album is the way to go.

Photo Prints Last a Lifetime

The digital world is one of impermanence. Digitals are often scrolled past, forgotten, even lost in the shuffle. If you’ve ever frantically searched for a lost data stick , wept over a wiped hard drive, or struggled to understand the cloud, then you know exactly what I mean!

photo of two beautiful young sisters with beautiful dark hair dressed in white shirts holding their small cute dog between them

Printed Photos Tie You to Your Memories

When we print our photos or purchase a photo product, we’re giving ourselves something tangible. We can see it, feel it, recall the sounds and sights that go along with the photograph. Essentially, when we print photos, we give ourselves the gift of re-experiencing the photographed moment all over again. In turn, seeing those photos regularly helps inspire us to live like we lived in those moments.  

We should give our children tangible memories too.

Sure, children may not be able to remember the moments we captured as well as we do. But I guarantee that someday when you’re long gone, they will remember how you took a quiet moment with them to recall the stories behind the images. That gift of time and storytelling will resonate every time they pull out that old, cherished photograph.

little girl standing on the branches of a cherry blossom tree in a light blue dress and a white headband during a family photoshoot

When you print a photo, you’re creating a family heirloom.

Have you ever heard of a hard-drive, memory stick, or computer becoming a coveted family heirloom? Rarely. But photographs are a different story. If you think farther down the line – 100 or 200 years from now – you’ll be giving the gift of photo heirlooms to your ancestors. In a way, those photos will be your legacy. As long as those photos are tucked away safely and viewed every once in a while, you will be remembered.  

Nobody hangs hard times on the wall, but we do experience hard moments in real life.

When we print photos and intentionally display them in a place of honor in our homes, they have an uplifting effect. Gazing at a cherished photo has a way of pulling us out of ourselves, and out of a negative mindset. It’s amazing how something as simple as walking past a wedding photo can help ease the tension of a disagreement between spouses or how a photo of your child can help sooth the stress of disciplining a hard-to-manage toddler.

Baby in a cute blue outfit smiles while sitting in the grass surrounded by beautiful white flowers which will make the perfect gift as a photo print for family members

At the end of the day, the act of simply photographing a moment helps us remember that moment so vividly. But we cherish those moments even more because we have tangible objects to connect to that space, that time, those people.

Ready to book a photographer who will help you cherish the ordinary, extraordinary, and everything in between? Contact me today!

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