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hi, I'm EMILY

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hi, I'm EMILY

How to Boost Your Confidence for a Photoshoot

“I hate my arms.” “I have a double chin.” “Can you edit my acne/rosacea/scar out of the photo?” I hear these kinds of comments all the time from my clients. The truth is that the most beautiful people on earth are plagued with insecurities too. We all struggle with it at one point or another in our lives. But if you’ve gone through the trouble of hiring a photographer to capture moments you want to cherish for a lifetime, you should try to build your confidence for your photo session. After all, when we’re comfortable in front of the camera, we can let the very best parts of us shine in our photos.

Three women stand next to one another for a photo and illustrate perfectly what it means to have confidence for a photoshoot

Here are a few of the best tips to boost your confidence for your photo session:

How to Boost Confidence for Your Photo Session | Richmond, VA Portrait Photographer

Choose a photographer who will boost your confidence for your photo session.

I cannot stress enough the importance of selecting a photographer who fits your personal style AND wants to get to know you. A photographer who cares will make you feel good about yourself and give you images that make you feel beautiful. How do you find the perfect fit for your photo session? Meet your photographer in person before booking. Chat over a cup of coffee. Get to know each other a bit. If she’s not “the one”, you’ll both know, and she’ll be able to recommend someone who might be a better fit for you.

Don’t fake confidence for your photo session!

Be genuine with your photographer. Do not “fake it until you make it.” Faking confidence for your photo session can lead to a lack of authenticity in your photos. So if you’re self-conscious about a particular feature or you’re just camera shy, communicate with your photographer so (s)he can coach you through it.

Pick a location that feels like home.

That might mean hosting your photo session in your home, choosing a location that’s meaningful to you, or just going somewhere you feel at ease. But if you feel at home, you will feel more confidence for your photo session, and that sentiment will be reflected in your photos.

man with his hair in a ponytail kneels down trimming flowers in his garden in front of his home during a personal photoshoot session

Being prepared is the easiest way to boost your confidence for your photo session.

Preparation = avoiding unnecessary stress. And if you don’t have any unnecessary stress, you can focus on what’s important: enjoying your time in front of the camera. Set aside props, outfits, accessories, etc. at least a day ahead of time. Make sure you schedule any hair and makeup appointments at least a few weeks in advance. Prepare a timeline to ensure you have plenty of time before your photo session to get yourself ready/pamper yourself a bit so you feel your best!

Treat yourself.

Scheduling a photo session provides a great opportunity to pamper yourself a bit. Schedule a hair and makeup appointment with a trusted professional the morning of your photo session. Have your nails done. Consider a relaxing massage, yoga, or meditation the week of your photo session to get yourself in the right headspace! If you feel your best, you will be more confident during your photo session.

Don’t be rushed.

The best possible way to ensure your photographer is able to capture authentic photos is by scheduling a longer session that’s uninterrupted by other appointments. Block off at least half a day to focus on yourself and your session so you don’t feel stressed about your timeline.

Dress Your Best.

When I say “Dress your best,” I don’t mean that you have to be fancy. What I mean is you should select clothing and accessories, new or old, that will boost your confidence for your photo session. Maybe that means a special pair of jeans that hug your body just right or a brand new maxi dress that flows in the breeze and makes you feel ethereal. It could be a shirt that makes your skin glow or your eyes pop. Regardless, your clothes should fit perfectly, and you should feel good in them. Try to avoid distracting details that will make you fidget during your session.

two beautiful young women wearing white tops pose with their dog and smile at the camera exuding confidence

Listen to your photographer.

An experienced photographer will know exactly what to do and say and how to coach you through any insecurities. (S)he’ll know how to make you feel amazing during your photo session. If (s)he’s suggesting poses or providing feedback before or during your photo session, listen! A good photographer will work hard to ensure you don’t feel vulnerable or at your worst in front of the camera.

Ready to book a photographer who will help boost your confidence for your photo session? Contact me today!

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