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hi, I'm EMILY

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hi, I'm EMILY

Two Photographers are Better than One

Why You Should Hire a Second Shooter for Your Wedding

Wedding planning is stressful, and never more so than when you’re discussing budget. According to, in 2020 photographers accounted for the fourth most expensive wedding vendors for an average sized wedding of 131 guests. Only venues, catering, and live music ranked above photography in terms of expense. And yet, there are few details as important as photographing the cherished moments you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life. That’s why I advise my couples to consider hiring a second shooter for their wedding day…

photo of a newlywed couple about to kiss under her veil is captured thanks to their decision to hire a second shooter for their wedding

What’s a Second Shooter?

Simply put, a second shooter is an additional photographer who agrees to work with your primary photographer to capture your wedding day. What are the benefits of hiring a second photographer for your wedding day?

Your photography team can be in two places at once!

If you only hire one photographer, (s)he can only be in one place at one time, which means (s)he’ll be working against the clock to make sure everything stays on schedule while (s)he captures all of your must-have wedding day moments! Here’s what that means…

It can be difficult to coordinate bouncing back and forth between two locations when those locations are at the same venue and close together. But imagine if your reception and ceremony sites are far apart… it’s a waste of precious time for one photographer to travel back and forth between locations to capture all the moments you’ll want to remember. So if you want photos of both sweethearts’ wedding parties getting ready at the same time, you should hire a second shooter.

Two photographers are better than one if your ceremony and reception sites are far apart.

second photographer on site at the wedding captures the groom holding his bride close at their reception before the guests arrive

Maybe you want photographs of your wedding guests mingling during cocktail hour while you’re having family portraits taken? If that’s the case, you’ll need a second shooter. And if you have to proceed with a last minute rain plan and “flip” your wedding venue to use the same space for your ceremony and reception, you’ll want to have a second shooter who can capture reception details as they’re being set up so your primary photographer can focus on other important photos like couple portraits, wedding party portraits, family portraits, and guest photos.

You’ll get gorgeous photos of the same scene from multiple angles.

If you want photos of your first look from multiple angles (think wide camera angles and scenic shots vs close ups and detail shots), you’ll want two shooters photographing the same scene.

Bride and groom share a kiss to finalize their coastal outdoor wedding ceremony among close family and friends

A Second Shooter Will Capture Sweet, Behind The Scenes Moments.

Maybe your sister leans her head against your shoulder or your mom adjusts your veil. Your flower girl sneaks a kiss or your father sheds a tear. Quite often, my second shooters are able to capture these sweet, behind-the-scenes moments that might have otherwise gone unnoticed while I’m preoccupied photographing your wedding party or your family.

Variety is the spice of life.

Each photographer has a unique perspective, and thus approaches your event with their own unique style and strengths. A great second shooter will use their style and strengths to help your primary photographer capture a variety of images with their own special “spin,” which means you’ll get a wide range of photos that will appeal to you.

well-dressed couple has a little fun blowing confetti at the camera during a wedding celebration

You’ll Get a Greater Volume of Photos.

Simply put, more photographers = more photos. And who doesn’t want more photos of their wedding day?

Emergencies Happen!

While it hasn’t happened to me yet, emergencies do pop up, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If your primary photographer meets circumstances beyond their control, you’ll have a backup plan in place and won’t have to scramble to hire a new photographer.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Two brains are better than one! When you hire a second shooter, you’re actually giving the gift of a team to your primary photographer. That team will test lighting together, bounce ideas off of each other, and work together for a more efficient wedding day that will provide so many benefits to you in the long run!

detail shot of the bride and her bridesmaids in their blue dresses holding their bouquets together

Ready to book your wedding photographer?

Are you looking for a wedding photographer who captures authentic moments that speak to the the heart of your wedding day? Contact EmmiClaire Photography today!

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