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hi, I'm EMILY

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hi, I'm EMILY

Til Death Do Us Part: A Halloween Styled Shoot

One of the things that I love about weddings in this day and age is that there are so many opportunities to make them unique. And yet, it often feels like the same old trends are published over and over again online and in magazines. So when Meghan Butcher, owner of The Dirty Blond Stylist, presented me with the opportunity to photograph a spooky Halloween styled shoot, I jumped at the chance!

bride in black lipstick stands in a church ready to walk down the aisle during a Halloween styled shoot

One of the things I love about this Halloween styled shoot is that we didn’t take the subtle approach. We really went for it. From the moody makeup to the haunting backdrop, every single detail was 100% on theme.

bride stands inside a church in front of the entrance in black lipstick with a veil over her face for a Halloween inspired wedding photoshoot

A Ghastly Bride: The Story Behind Our Halloween Styled Shoot

Whenever I photograph a styled shoot, I like to create a story in my head. This particular shoot was so much fun to think about! I like to believe that our ghostly bride died of a broken heart. She wanders the cemetery where she’s buried, waiting to be reunited with her long lost lover. Passersby and cemetery visitors have reported her ghoulish figure running towards the cemetery gates, only to vanish before she reaches them. Legend has it that her soul is trapped within the confines of the cemetery walls, forever doomed to haunt her eternal resting place.

Ghost bride walking away from a camera down the road to a cemetery during a halloween-inspired wedding photo session

Hollywood Cemetery: A HAUNTingly Beautiful Location

There’s something so enticing about a graveyard. Hollywood Cemetery is no exception. Its quiet, well-tended landscape evokes a sense of romance despite the ancient headstones peppered throughout. It is both beautiful and unsettling, making it the perfect place for a bridal ghost story!

Ghost bride sitting in a cemetery in her off-shoulder wedding dress and black lipstick

Moody Makeup

Pale foundation contrasts with a sultry smoky eye, dark lipstick, and rich cheek contouring to create the perfect sallow, ghoulish complexion. Black nail polish completes the look and invokes a sense of decay.

Ghostly Garb Fit for a Bride

I love that Meghan chose wedding clothes and accessories that are both timely and timeless. The off-the-shoulder top, lace gloves, and overall A-line silhouette is reminiscent of a much earlier time, while the tea-length tulle skirt evokes a sense of decay. It truly feels like our ghost-bride has meandered through the cemetery so long that her bridal gown has become a tattered shroud.

bride in black eyeshadow and black lipstick stares into the camera as she stands in a cemetery

Autumn Light to DIE For

One of the amazing things about fall is the gorgeous natural light. Autumn light is more gold-toned because of the earth’s position in relation to the sun, as well as the reflection from the brilliant leaves on the trees and scattered on the ground.

Vendors Who KILLED It (They’re SPOOKY good)!

Shoot Stylist & Model: Meghan Butcher, The Dirty Blonde Stylist

Makeup: Megan Nosse, Grace Salon

Location: Hollywood Cemetery

Photographer: EmmiClaire Photography

ghost bride walking towards the cemetery in her wedding dress during a wedding photoshoot inspired by Halloween

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