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hi, I'm EMILY

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hi, I'm EMILY

An Engagement Session with Sweta and Pareen

couple smiles and embraces while their love is captured in a photo during their engagement session

Their eyes lock across the room. She reaches up and caresses his face. He reaches for her hand in the car. Whatever the gesture, grand or small, every once in awhile I photograph a couple and I’m immediately filled with a sense of their chemistry. That’s what it was like when I met Sweta and Pareen. Not only was their engagement session incredibly romantic, this pair of lovebirds couldn’t stop laughing! It was truly a joy photographing them.

Newly engaged couple laughs and smiles as they hold one another in a beautiful outdoor green space

Sweta and Pareen’s Love Story

Sweta and Pareen were set up by family and friends. It’s SO amazing when the people who know us best find and approve of our forever sweetheart.

woman in a blue dress sits down leaning against her fiance who is behind her on the grass in front of big yellow flowers

Pareen popped the question at Primland Resort, which is located between the pair’s respective home states of Virginia and North Carolina.

The Engagement Session

As a Richmond local, Sweta had her heart set on Maymont and Belle Isle as the locations for her engagement photos, and boy did they turn out gorgeous!

couple locks eyes under a beautiful marble gazebo as they celebrate their engagement with a photoshoot session

I don’t know what came first for Sweta and Pareen – friendship or love. Regardless, you can tell these two have an abundance of both.

a man in a white shirt and navy blue dress pants holds his fiance in his arms as they touch noses in front of a river

An Engagement Session = The Perfect Time to Celebrate

I love that Sweta and Pareem decided to truly celebrate during their engagement session. One step closer to husband and wife, they chose to pop open a bottle of bubbly!

engaged couple pops a bottle of champagne and sprays it as they stand together beside a river

The Ring

Sweta’s ring is quite possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. And the gorgeous flowers at Maymont provided the perfect method of showcasing it.

Why Hire EmmiClaire Photography?

“My favorite memory was when Emily kept making us laugh throughout the entire shoot. She was AMAZING! She made us feel so comfortable throughout the entire engagement session!”

Looking for an engagement photographer who brings out the joy in your love story? Let’s chat! Contact EmmiClaire Photography today.

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