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hi, I'm EMILY

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hi, I'm EMILY

Time is a Thief: Photographing The Cannon Family

Time is a thief, friends. Never moreso than this year. If pregnancy flies by as fast as it has over the past six months for me, I can only imagine how quickly time will pass when baby arrives. This simple recognition – the passage of time – has inspired me to take an inordinate amount of pleasure in photographing families.

time is a thief but you can get around it by getting beautiful family portraits such as this one of a family of four

Joy contacted me back in April to discuss her family portrait session. She and her sweet boys hadn’t had professional photos taken since her youngest was born. “We have a lot of candid pictures, but not many of the entire family looking in one direction.”

family of four, including mom, dad, and two young boys coordinate in white and blue for their outdoor family photoshoot

Time is a Thief: Flashing Forward to a Mother Son Dance

Joy’s little dance with her oldest was such a tender moment. In a instant, I flashed forward to these two dancing together on his wedding day. She holds his hand. But he holds her heart.

Mom dances and twirls in a floral blue dress with her young son outdoors amongst green trees

Looking Up to Dad

Is there anything more precious than a boy looking up to his father? Little Eli may not have been in the best mood before he arrived to his photo session, but Dad helped smooth any ruffled feathers so we could capture his sweet intensity.

A father kneeling down with his oldest son behind him and holding his younger son in front of him while they all smile for a family portrait

Time is a Thief, So Let Them Be Little

As usual, the kids stole the show during the family portrait session. Even though both boys were grumpy before they arrived at the photoshoot, we were able to turn the day around by just letting them play and explore together. I always tell my clients not to worry about their kids being, well… kids. Capturing them in their element is beautiful!

Two young brothers smiling and playing together in a garden with purple flowers during their family photo session

“My oldest was jumping and smiling. He loved the experience, and Emily was able to catch his spark in some great photos,” says Joy. “Emily was even able to catch the inquisitive looks and curious nature of my youngest.”

Small child in a teal collared shirt holding his older brother's hand as he points down to a yellow flower in an outdoor garden space

Tips from a Mom Who Knows

When asked for advice to families planning family portraits, Joy says, “For moms with toddlers, come prepared! Bring snacks, silly noises, stuffed animals, youtube, etc.” I couldn’t agree more! Distractions are helpful for downtime and can help create a comfortable atmosphere that helps draw out your little’s personality.

Why Hire EmmiClaire Photography?

“Emily was able to work through my boys’ fussiness and draw out their sparkling personalities. I highly recommend her to any of my friends who are looking for a photographer.”

Mom and Dad kneeling down together with their two sons at their sides during their photoshoot for a family of four

Looking for a photographer to capture your beautiful family moments before time steals them from you? Contact EmmiClaire Photography today!

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