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hi, I'm EMILY

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hi, I'm EMILY

Hilary & Griffin: A William & Mary Engagement Session

Couples holds one another close and stares into each other's eyes during their engagement session at The College of William & Mary.

Everyone has at least one location that lives eternally in their minds. You know the one – it’s the place that instantly transports you back in time. For Hilary and Griffin, that place is The College of William & Mary. Located in quaint Williamsburg Virginia, the College (as it’s more affectionately known by students and staff alike) is the second oldest institution of higher education in America. That was one of my favorite parts of capturing Hilary and Griffin’s William & Mary engagement session: they chose a location dear to them.

Not only are the pair alumni, the campus is a veritable hat trick of their relationship. They had their first date, shared their first kiss, and fell in love here. It’s no surprise that many a love story has blossomed here. The campus boasts abundant history, spectacular ancient trees, colonial architecture, and curated gardens. In short, it’s the perfect setting for a love story.

Hilary & Griffin’s Love Story

Hilary & Griffin met in their junior year at The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA. They both worked on a literary magazine together. The pair were friends for almost a year because of conflicting schedules – they both studied abroad back to back, but sparks flew when they returned stateside. “When we went on our first date, it was like no time had passed at all,” says Hilary. “I knew I was in love after our first kiss,” she says. “We were walking around Colonial Williamsburg after our first date and he kissed me under a tree near the Wren Building.”

Couple stands side by side with their arms around one another as the man plants a kiss on his partner in front of a white-picket fence

The Proposal

Proposals don’t have to be grand gestures in order to be a spectacular moment. Griffin planned the perfect proposal at home. He hid a gorgeous sapphire engagement ring in Hilary’s Christmas stocking, and waited until the perfect quiet moment on Christmas Eve to pop the question. “The ring had been in Hilary’s stocking for weeks,” says Griffin. “She had no idea!”

cute couple smooches under the shade of a large tree while sitting on a bench during their engagement photoshoot session

A William & Mary Engagement Session

I had the privilege of capturing Hilary and Griffin’s engagement session on a beautiful day in May. I was instantly drawn in by both the lovely scenery and these two lovebirds – a couple who seem to revel in the simple act of holding hands and being goofy together in the place they fell in love.

Couple hugs and laughs together during their outdoor engagement photoshoot at The College of William & Mary

We made sure to grab a few photos in front of the Wren Building where the sweethearts shared their first kiss.

Couple sits together on a white marble staircase to capture and celebrate their engagement

We meandered the quiet wooded paths connecting old campus and new campus, capturing the sweethearts beneath the lovely tree-filtered light.

couple stands outside of The College of William & Mary with their foreheads touching during their engagement photoshoot

And we simply had to capture some sweet moments on the footbridge that crosses the Crim Dell. This spot is certainly picturesque. But it’s also host to campus lore. According to legend, two people who hold hands while crossing the will be lifelong friends. If two people kiss at the crest of the bridge, they are destined to be together forever.

man dips his fiance as they stand in the middle of a beautiful bridge at The College of William & Mary among large green trees

I simply loved how comfortable Hilary and Griffin both seem in their own skin. It’s clear to me that they know who they are, both as individuals and as a couple. That really came through in their session. They played, laughed, and genuinely embraced the beautiful day together at their alma mater.

Why EmmiClaire Photography?

“Emily was so chill and fun. She made the experience for both of us very relaxed and enjoyable. Neither of us is used to being professionally photographed, but Emily’s instructions and patience gave us some beautiful photos that will last a lifetime.”

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