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hi, I'm EMILY

find me elsewhere:

hi, I'm EMILY

Preparing For Your Portrait Session

Portrait of Hayden and Matt by EmmiClaire Photography

Preparing for a portrait session can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. If you’ve booked your session with EmmiClaire Photography and you need a little guidance for the next steps, you are not alone! It’s easy to over-complicate the process in your mind, so I’m here to lend a helping hand so that you can enjoy every minute of your portrait session.

Consult With Your Photographer

Sneak Family Portrait by EmmiClaire Photography

First of all, if you are lost and entirely unsure of where to begin, let’s connect for a consultation! I am available to help you plan and prepare for that special day. We can discuss all of the details of your shoot, I can make recommendations, and we can plan and coordinate so that every person involved in your session, whether it is just you or your entire extended family, feels comfortable and prepared for the big day.

Choose Your Location

Portrait of Caitlin & Alex by EmmiClaire Photography

Selecting your perfect location for your shoot can be difficult! Choose somewhere that is meaningful to you; it can be your backyard, the location you got engaged, or somewhere you just love going to and enjoying nature. If you don’t have any place that you feel is just right, I am happy to recommend a location that is perfect for your shoot!

Pick Your Wardrobe

Clute Family Portrait by EmmiClaire Photography

It is very important to choose your outfit ahead of time! No one likes to make the unfortunate discovery that the shirt they wanted to wear needs to be washed or ironed the morning of the shoot. Choose your pieces carefully, and make sure they are ready one to two days before the session. If you are coordinating outfits as a family, make sure to give everyone plenty of time to find just the right pieces for your photos. 

I do work with a stylist to send out tips, tricks, and some outfit ideas for each session, and my stylist Emmaline is also available (for a fee) to consult with her 1:1 to get your look ready for your photos. I also advise you make arrangements in advance for hair and makeup services so that you feel your absolute best on the day of your shoot!

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Portrait of Chelsey & Justin by EmmiClaire Photography

It seems pretty obvious, but getting a good night’s sleep is critical to your session. You want to feel refreshed and relaxed on the big day, so making sure to get your rest the night before will help with that! Planning is key, so that you don’t have to stay awake stressing about the details you may have forgotten. Don’t worry; I will make sure that you look perfect in those photos!

Trust Your Photographer

Family Portrait by EmmiClaire Photography

Portrait photography is what I do. I love hearing your stories and making you shine! When you book a portrait session with me, you can trust that I will make your photos be everything you want and more. If you still have questions or are looking to book your portrait session, contact me today!

Portrait by EmmiClaire Photography
Moseley Family Portrait by EmmiClaire Photography
Clute Family Children Portrait by EmmiClaire Photography
Portrait of McKenna and Austin by EmmiClaire Photography

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