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Welcome to the blog, a place for RECENT weddings,  inspirING portraitS, BranD SHOOTS, tips, and MORe.

hi, I'm EMILY

find me elsewhere:

hi, I'm EMILY

Get To Know Your Photographer: 32 Facts For My 32nd Birthday!

Emily of EmmiClaire Photography

Hey all! I am so excited to get the EmmiClaire Photography blog off the ground, and what better time than my birthday?!

I love being a photographer. Even more, I love being YOUR photographer! I care about you, your story, your journey. Playing a part in your special day, building your brand, or getting to showcase you and your family in portraits you can treasure for the rest of your life is so incredibly special.

 Since I love to share all of that with you, I thought I would also share a bit about myself so that we know each other a little better by the time I get you behind my lens!

In honor of my 32nd Birthday, I’m sharing 32 facts about me. After all, it only seems fair, right?

My Professional Photography Journey

Emily and her dad on her wedding day.
  1. I first knew I wanted to be a professional photographer in the 90s when my dad was taking portraits of me. I was more interested in the camera than being the model!
  2. I got my first camera around 1996-ish.
  3. I took photography in high school and was also taught by my dad!
  4. My favorite locations to shoot are on the rocks by the river or at the beach.
  5. I will go where the job takes me. ? If you want to shoot with me, distance is not a problem! 
  6. I choose to focus on wedding and portrait photography because I enjoy creating happy memories of my clients’ special day; I like telling the stories of my clients and hearing more about their lives. 
  7. Along those lines…my favorite part of branding photography is learning about business owners’ journeys!
Emily & Ben
  1. My secret to true love and a lasting marriage? Communication is key.
  2. The most difficult part of my work would have to be when someone just messages me: “what’s your price for photo…” Like what??? On the flip side, I love when clients tell me how much they love their photos and hearing their reactions to when they see their galleries and when they post them online to share them!
  1. As a former classroom teacher, I would like to teach others how to take better photos on their own. Workshops and webinars coming soon!
  2. I’m outgoing, fun, personable, and want you to look and feel your best through my images! If I can manage a classroom of 32 7th graders I can manage anyone.

Fun Facts About Me

Emily and Ben on their wedding day.
  1. Besides scaling my business, I’ve spent Quarantine playing various video games including Animal Crossing! I’ve also ordered from new places and explored new outdoor areas.
  2. To decompress and practice self-care, I love a good deep tissue massage!
  3. The beach is my “Happy Place”. ?
  4. If I were to write a biography right now, the title would be “It’s Fine”
  5. My favorite childhood memory is riding my bike all over the place with my friends.
  6. As someone who captures weddings in my photography, my favorite memory from my own wedding is the beautiful ceremony we had overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
  7. If you hadn’t seen it already: I won a car on The Price Is Right!
  8. I’m from Florida, but moved to Dominica (do you know where that is?!) in 2014, then to Los Angeles in 2015, and settled in Richmond, VA in 2018.
  9. Ben and I climbed Mt. Fuji in 2013! Talk about an accomplishment!
Emily of EmmiClaire Photography and her husband on top of Mt. Fuji in 2013.

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Emily of EmmiClaire Photography

Coffee House Drink – iced latte 

Cocktail – vodka, seltzer, lime JUICE!

Famous Photographer – Ansel Adams

Camera lens – 70-200mm

Photo editor – Lightroom

Hobby (outside photography) – Agility with my dog Tuxedo

TV Show(s) – Curb your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development, Twin Peaks (90s version) It’s Always Sunny, Grace & Frankie

Playlist – Depends on the day, loving Glass Animals these days!

Inspirational Quote – “It’s fine, everything’s fine.”

Smell – Lavender

Holiday – Christmas!!

Season – Now that I live somewhere with seasons, Spring!

Let’s Get Together!

If I sound like the kind of person you could get along with and/or you love my work, I’d love to chat! Contact me to schedule a session today and let’s get to know each other!

Emily of EmmiClaire Photography
Emily, Ben, and Tuxedo

Richmond Photographer

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