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hi, I'm EMILY

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hi, I'm EMILY

Photographing Professional and Casual Portraits for Joe | Richmond Portrait Photographer

Casual Portraits In the Time of COVID

There are a wide range of reasons to book a photography session for casual portraits. Maybe you’re in a new season of life. You’re pregnant and wanting maternity photos. You want to memorialize the first weeks of your new baby’s life. Or maybe you just want a professional photo of your entire family. But portraits aren’t just for families! In-person interaction is especially limited in this time of COVID, so it’s significantly more important to make a great first impression through digital means.

Confident, authentic, professional headshots can boost positive responses to your business while fresh, captivating, casual portraits can help draw the right kind of attention on your social media and online dating profile. That’s exactly what Joe was looking for when he contacted me back in December – a mixture of professional photos and fun social media/online dating photos that would draw the right kind of attention from the right people.

Man in a blue blazer with grey hair and a big smile poses for casual portraits he can use both professionally and for fun

Joe’s Review of EmmiClaire Photography

EmmiClaire exceeded my expectations! Not only did the photographs provide a solid professional look, they added the aspect of showing my personality. Instead of the photos being all of a formal nature, they were expressed in a relaxed and fun way. Also, the backgrounds were great and the photos were natural. They captured my personality as I am, expressive and fun! Emily is funny, smart, personable and very talented as a photographer. I had so much fun connecting with her and enjoying my entire session, unlike other photography moments over the years.

Blending Casual and Professional Photos in One Session

Because Joe was looking for a mixture of both professional and social media photos, he opted for a combination of professional and casual clothing. His headshots and professional portraits are dashing, but I love how you can really tell he’s in his element while working out or being active. His smile truly came to life!

Middle-aged man dressed in workout clothes stretches outdoors during his casual portrait photography session

Some of My Favorites from Joe’s Session

I often find it tough to choose my favorite photos from each of my sessions. But this one was particularly difficult! Scroll down for some of my favorites!

middle-aged man in burgundy hoodie and black sweat pants walks through a park with his sunglasses on during a relaxed photoshoot

Creating a Relaxed Atmosphere Helps Generate Authentic Photos

Joe started his session a bit nervous, as he (like many people) doesn’t often like photographs of himself. But with a relaxed approach to his session, his personality really shined through in the casual portraits.

The EmmiClaire Photography Difference for Casual Portraits

In this time of COVID madness, professional portraits can make a difference between a good online dating profile and a GREAT online dating profile that attracts the right kind of attention from the right potential partner! Contact EmmiClaire Photography today so we can chat about how a portrait session can help you make new connections with lasting impact!

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