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hi, I'm EMILY

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hi, I'm EMILY

How to Prepare for Your Branding Photography Session

photo of a woman sketching a concept on her iPad to help her prepare for her branding photography session

As both a photographer and a business owner, I cannot stress enough the value of branding photography for marketing! With the shift to social media and emphasis on visual marketing, quality product and brand photos can make a huge difference in obtaining lucrative leads for your business.

If you’re ready to book your branding photography session, but aren’t sure where to start, I’m here to help! Here are just a few of the steps you can take to get ready for a business photography session.

Get Organized

The first step, before you even book your branding photography session or very early after scheduling the shoot, is to get organized! Sit down and really think about the session and what you’re looking for. Answer questions like:

  • What do I want out of this session?
  • Who is my audience for these photos?
  • What platforms do I need images for? (social media, website, etc.)
  • What/Who should I feature in the images to represent my brand? (products, people, etc.)
  • What kind of images am I looking for? (Product photos, headshots, action shots, etc.)

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you and your photographer plan for the shoot, so that your brand can be represented in just the way you would like it to be!

Gather Your Products

Remember that question about what you should feature? Well, if you’re looking to do product photography, you want to make sure that you have everything boxed up and ready for travel to your shoot location BEFORE the day of the shoot! Planning ahead and getting things together early helps to make sure that nothing is forgotten at the last minute, and gives you the opportunity to have peace of mind the day of the shoot knowing that you are completely ready. A checklist could be your best friend!

Prepare Your Featured Faces

If you work face-to-face with clients and have asked for some to be in your photos, be sure to confirm the date and time of the branding shoot with them and get a photo release signed so that you are legally protected when using the images for your marketing! This will give both you and your client security in defining the use of the photos.

Additionally, if you are doing team photos, action photos, or headshots, stay in full communication with your staff! Make sure they are also aware of the shoot date and any expectations you have from them regarding conduct, appearance, or participation. If you do not already have a clause in your employee handbook/contract, be sure to collect signed photo releases for any photos outside of professional headshots and team photography!

Stay In Touch With Your Photographer

a white corner desk with a floral stool underneath it and a dusty pink chair pushed up to it as a setting for a branding photography shoot

The process of preparing for your branding photoshoot can seem daunting, but you aren’t doing this on your own! At EmmiClaire Photography, I take pride in featuring local Richmond brands in the very best possible light. If you have questions, concerns, or don’t know where to start to prepare for the shoot, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact me today and let’s give your company an amazing photo presence across all of your marketing efforts!

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