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hi, I'm EMILY

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hi, I'm EMILY

A Picnic Proposal at Libby Hill Park in Richmond, VA

Justin and Caroline sit cuddled up under the gazebo immediately following their proposal at Libby Hill. Behind them, a luxury picnic experience. by RVA Picnics They gaze smilingly at the camera.

A Picnic Proposal at Libby Hill

I was over the moon when Justin contacted me about photographing his proposal at Libby Hill Park in Richmond, VA. Libby Hill is one of my favorite locations for photo sessions. There’s no better location than Libby Hill for my photography clients who want a quiet spot that still displays a bit of bustling, historic Richmond in the backdrop (for more of my favorite locations for photo session, see my blog post about my favorite locations for photo shoots in RVA).

What Came Before the Proposal at Libby Hill: Caroline & Justin’s Love Story

Justin and Caroline met as athletes on the Virginia Tech Swim Team. Interestingly, Justin and Caroline discovered that they had been mere feet from each other dozens of times throughout their grade school swim careers. They both attended and competed in the same swim meets for years! Coincidence or fate? I’ll let you decide!

Caroline smiles up at Justin as the two walk along a path at Libby Hill Park in Richmond, Virginia.

At the end of Justin’s freshman year, Caroline began asking him to grab coffee with her in between classes. Grabbing coffee together became a regular ritual for the pair. “Her parents actually called me ‘Coffee Boy’ for the longest time,” says Justin. After a few weeks of those coffee dates “and a million missed hints,” the pair made their relationship official. They’ve been together for over six years.

A close up of the smiling couple gazing at one another with foreheads pressed together as they sit on stairs at Libby Hill Park in RVA.

“[Caroline] makes me feel like I’ve found home,” says Justin. I’ve never really felt that growing up or with anyone else. But there’s something about her that makes me feel like I’m where I need to be in the universe when we’re together… I couldn’t wait to show her that I don’t want anyone else by my side for the rest of my life.”

Justin and Caroline gazee lovingly at each other while they sit on a stairway at Libby Hill Park.

The Details for Justin & Caroline’s Proposal at Libby Hill

A Romantic Picnic for Two

I’ve witnessed dozens of proposals, and I have to say that I adore it when there’s delicious food and drink involved. Especially when that food and drink is served up in such a pretty way! I applaud Justin’s decision to incorporate a gorgeous picnic spread by Picnic RVA for his proposal at Libby Hill. Libby Hill may be a stunning location, but incorporating Picnic RVA’s luxurious picnic experience was truly added an element of romance to the whole proposal setup. Plus, it was a ton of fun to photograph!

A beautiful boho picnic setup under a gazebo at Libby Hill Park overlooking historic Richmond, VA. A low picnic table is set up with a vase of flowers and gourmet charcuterie, surrounded by cozy pillows and rugs.

Choosing a Location for a Richmond Proposal

It’s so important to incorporate meaningful elements, including locations, into any photo session, but especially in a proposal photoshoot! My heart melted a little bit when Justin explained to me that Libby Hill Park is a place near and dear to the couple’s hearts. “We had our photos taken at Libby Hill Park last summer,” says Justin. “Something about that photo session and the pictures just really flipped a switch and made me realize I wanted to [propose], so I wanted to go back as a surprise for Caroline.”

Caroline and Justin hold hands and look at one another as they take a walk along a Libby Hill Park path with the Lucky Strike building and water tower in the background.
Justin lifts a laughing Caroline on his back with the Lucky Strike building and Richmond Skyline in the distance.

Hiring a Photographer to Capture a Proposal at Libby Hill

If you’re lucky, proposing (or being proposed to) is a once in a lifetime event. It’s no surprise then that proposal photography is on the rise. And I’m here for it, guys!

The couple gazes at one another while seated at their boho gazebo picnic proposal at Libby Hill in Richmond, VA.

“About as soon as I starting planning to propose to Caroline, I knew I wanted to hire a photographer. She had no idea the proposal was coming and I wanted to make sure someone was there to capture the surprise in its entirety,” says Justin.

Justin and Caroline hold hands as they approach the gazebo where Justin is about to propose!
Caroline's hands are covering her mouth as her jaw drops when she sees Justin's sign that reads, "Will you marry me?"

Popping the Question

As with most proposal sessions, I was initially hiding at a safe distance from the couple as they approached the gazebo. Caroline’s body language made it completely clear that she definitely was not expecting such a momentous occasion.

Justin gets down on one knee under the gazebo to ask Caroline to marry him. Caroline is still shocked!

Caroline’s Reaction to Her Proposal at Libby Hill

Caroline couldn’t hide her surprise when she spotted the letter board sign that read, “Caroline, will you marry me?” Her jaw literally dropped. Justin, of course, had a smile from ear to ear as he dropped to one knee to pop the question.

Justin and Caroline kiss under the gazebo with their picnic in the foreground and the Lucky Strike building in the background.

The Engagement Ring

The couple sealed the deal with a gorgeous ring – a large, dark, pear cut center stone flanked by two round cut diamonds. What a stunner (good job, Justin)!

A closeup shot of Caroline smiling up at Justin as their foreheads touch. Her hand is placed on his arm to showcase her new engagement ring.
A blurred image of the couple in the background with Caroline holding out her hand to flash her new engagement ring - a large, dark, pear cut center stone flanked by two round cut diamonds.
Caroline smiles as looks back at Justin (who is out of the frame) as she holds his hand. Bare February trees line a stone-paved street behind them.
The couple smiles directly at the camera as Caroline places her hand on Justin's chest.

Congratulations, Caroline and Justin! It was truly a privilege to capture this moment for you two!

Caroline's hand is on Justin's chest as they kiss at Libby Hill Park with historic Richmond in the background.

Hiring EmmiClaire Photography to Document Your Proposal Story

What’s one of the many pros of booking a professional photographer to capture your Richmond, VA proposal? That’s easy! You get an engagement session immediately following your proposal! Another perk? If you choose EmmiClarie Photography as your wedding photographer, not only will you be getting someone who works with you to capture the spectacular wedding images that you’ll cherish for a lifetime, you’ll be booking someone who is already a small part of your love story. How cool is that? To me, there’s no better feeling than growing with my clients through every season of their lives.

Justin dips Caroline as they kiss on the stone lined streets of Libby Hill Park with the Lucky Strike building in the background.

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Justin gives Caroline a piggy back ride as the couple smiles directly at the camera along a stone street lined by bare winter trees. Behind them, the Richmond Skyline is in the distance.

Are you planning a proposal in the greater Richmond Metro Area?

Contact EmmiClaire Photography today! Let’s chat about how I can help memorialize your proposal in authentic, unforgettable images that you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

Justin gives Caroline a piggy back ride as he smiles directly at the camera while Caroline gives him a kiss on the cheek immediately following their proposal at Libby Hill.

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