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hi, I'm EMILY

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hi, I'm EMILY

Growing Families | Family Portrait Photography in Richmond, VA

Shana stands on a stone footbridge during her maternity session.

One of the very best things about being a photographer with a background in multiple fields is this: growing with my clients, especially those who are growing families. It is more common than you might guess for me to photograph an engagement session, a wedding, a maternity session, a newborn session, and family portraits… all for the same client! Now that I have a baby of my very own, I am especially grateful for the gift of getting to grow with my clients’ growing families.

Shana and Chris stand together on a stepping stone in the middle of a pond at Maymont Park.
Shana and Chris stand together on a stepping stone in the middle of a pond at Maymont Park.

This was the exact thing that happened with my clients, Chris and Shana! Shana and Chris contacted me last year to photograph her maternity session, shortly before their sweet baby boy was due to arrive. Almost exactly a year later, I had the privilege of photographing Shana and Chris’s family portrait session. How cool is that?!

Shana's canary yellow maternity dress flutters in the breeze.

I’m always thrilled when clients choose me for a session after we’ve already worked together. In a creative field where critique can be so subjective, returning clients signal to me that I’m doing something right.

Photographing Growing Families: A Maternity Session

Shana and Chris stand on the Japanese Bridge at Maymont Park, a waterfall in the background.

Chris and Shana chose Maymont Park for their growing family portrait session. “Chris took me to Maymont Park when I first moved here from New York. I fell in love with the peace and serenity of the Japanese Garden,” says Shana. Their spring maternity session at Maymont Park was a bit rainy, but Shana and Chris were true troopers. They were bound and determined to photograph their growing family.  

Shana smiles for the camera as her hand rests lovingly atop her pregnant belly during her maternity session at Maymont Park in RVA.

If there’s one word I could choose to describe Shana and Chris’s maternity session, it’s this one: enchanting. Shana’s flowing, soft canary yellow gown fluttered as she moved, making for some lovely candids. And the stunning gardens at Maymont were somehow simultaneously softened and brightened by the gentle spring rain. The scent of the rain-soaked earth filled the air. I could not stop breathing in the beauty around me – including my gorgeous clients!

Photographing Growing Families, Part 2: A Family Portrait Session

This past spring, we met at the same location – Maymont Park. But this time sweet baby Christian had finally made his appearance, so we photographed the whole family! Kids are so fun to photograph, and Christian did not dissapoint on that score! He stole the show with his shy demeanor, moody baby scowl, and sweet giggle.

We frolicked in the park, played in the flowers, and generally had a grand ole time being together on this beautiful spring day at Maymont Park.

What made your session with EmmiClaire Photography special?

“Emily has a beautiful personality and genuine smile. She knew the vision and my style without me mentioning anything. Emily was aware that our maternity session was our first time having professional portraits taken; she did an amazing job directing us. She also asked a lot of questions to make sure we were satisfied with the theme of our pictures.”

Any advice to fellow families planning their session?

“Book with EmmiClaire Photography! Her pictures are beautiful and will capture moments you’ll never forget. If its your first session, you will want to book many more!”

For more tips and advice about planning your family portrait session, I love this post!

Looking for a photographer to grow with your family?

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