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hi, I'm EMILY

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hi, I'm EMILY

Behind the Lens: Capturing Brianna’s Brand and Heart with EmmiClaire Photography

In the world of photography, there are moments when the roles blur, and the photographer becomes the subject. Such was the case when I, the business owner of EmmiClaire Photography, had the pleasure of photographing Brianna Walker Realty for her branding shoot.

A Unique Connection

Brianna, a valued client and a realtor with an exceptional blend of real estate, design, and construction knowledge, approached us for a branding photoshoot. Beyond the client-photographer relationship, there was a unique connection—a shared passion for storytelling through visuals.

Brianna, a realtor who brings city spaces to life.
Brianna standing in front of the Italian Garden at Maymont

Crafting the Narrative

Before the photoshoot, we delved deep into Brianna’s world. We discussed her vision, her aspirations, and the essence of her brand. As a realtor who appreciates the intricate details of design and construction, her story was multi-layered, and we aimed to capture every facet.

From Design to Real Estate

Brianna’s journey into real estate was a unique one, guided by her prior experience as a designer at architecture firms in both Richmond and D.C. Her background in design and construction not only shaped her professional expertise but also added a layer of creativity to her approach as a realtor.

Favorite Spots

Beyond her professional life, Brianna shared insights into her favorite local spots and her commitment to a noble cause. Here’s a glimpse into her world:

Favorite Food Spot: Tulsi in Carytown. A place that serves not just food but a slice of home.

Favorite Outdoor Spot: Maymont Park. A lush oasis where nature and history converge.

Favorite Coffee Shop: Brick Road or Shore Dog. It’s a tough choice when you appreciate a good brew!

Favorite Animal Shelter: Richmond Animal Care and Control. Brianna’s personal connection with this shelter makes it close to her heart. They saved her dog’s life, creating a bond that’s forever.

Favorite Spot for Gluten-Free Bread: Sugar and Twine. Because great taste knows no boundaries.

Brianna’s Healthcare Program: A Heartfelt Gesture

Now, let’s shift the focus to Brianna’s incredible healthcare program. Beyond her professional success and love for her community, Brianna has found a way to give back to the healthcare heroes who tirelessly serve us all.

What is the Program?

Brianna Walker Realty’s Healthcare Program offers between $1,000 to $2,000 of closing cost assistance when healthcare workers are ready to buy a new home or sell their current one. It’s not just a financial lifeline; it’s a token of appreciation and a practical way to ease the transition into a new chapter of life.

Who is it For?

The program is for ANY healthcare worker. Simply state your profession when you apply, and let us handle the rest. It’s our way of recognizing the diverse roles and contributions of healthcare heroes.

How Do I Apply?

Applying is as easy as filling out a form. Once you’ve applied, you have a whole year to close on a new home or sell your current one before needing to re-apply. This flexibility is designed to accommodate your unique timeline.

Can it be Used Later?

Absolutely! The program can be used later when you’re ready to make your move. We understand that life’s transitions can be complex, and this program is here to support you whenever the time is right.

No Catch, Just Compassion

One of the most beautiful aspects of this program is that there’s no catch. It’s a genuine gesture of gratitude from Brianna Walker Realty. Her goal is simple: to make the lives of healthcare workers a little easier, to recognize their incredible contributions, and to say “thank you” from the bottom of our hearts.

A Shared Journey

In the world of photography, there are moments when the photographer becomes not just an observer but an integral part of the story. Photographing Brianna Walker Realty was one such moment—a fun time! Her healthcare program adds a beautiful layer to this story, highlighting her compassion and dedication to her community.

Brianna Walker
Brianna Walker

If you’re looking to capture your brand, whether it’s in real estate, design, or any other field, EmmiClaire Photography is here to tell your story through the lens. Contact today!

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