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hi, I'm EMILY

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hi, I'm EMILY

Capturing Pheldy in Richmond, VA

At EmmiClaire Photography, we love helping artists express their unique personalities and brands through creative brand photography. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Dan Feldman, a talented writer and hip-hop artist known as Pheldy and known for his quirky and humorous songs. Here’s a glimpse into Dan’s branding shoot in Richmond, VA, and the creative process behind it.

Understanding Dan’s Brand

To create photos that truly reflect Dan’s brand, we started with a few key questions to understand his vision and personality.

What is your brand? Describe the feelings you would like to communicate. These could be joy, inspiration, confidence, comfort, excitement, silliness, etc.

Dan: I am a writer who makes silly songs that fit into the hip-hop genre. I have one song where I describe the feelings of nervousness I had when going to court for a speeding ticket a while back, and would love to get shots in a suit in front of the courthouse that feel dark and eerie/nervous but also in a silly manner. The other location I’d love to go to is right by the floodwall overlooking the city. These feelings should be much more positive and silly than the court ones.

How do you feel about getting your photo taken?

Dan: I think good haha. Haven’t gotten a ton of pictures taken, so may need a little bit of coaching but definitely open to whatever.

Describe your personality: professional, informal, outgoing, laid-back, joyful, quirky, etc.

Dan: Very, very laid-back and informal. Although the court shots should have somewhat of a professional but laid-back feel to them.

What type of shots do you hope to get?

Dan: Some professional-looking shots of me in a suit outside the courthouse and some way more casual ones of me by the river and the flood wall wearing street clothes.

The Photoshoot: Locations and Themes

With Dan’s vision in mind, we planned the shoot in two distinct locations in Richmond, VA, each capturing a different aspect of his brand.

Courthouse in Richmond, VA

Dan wanted to capture the nervous yet humorous vibe of his song about going to court for a speeding ticket. We chose an old courthouse as the backdrop, which provided the perfect blend of historic, dark, and somewhat eerie atmosphere. Dan wore a suit to add a professional touch while maintaining a laid-back demeanor.

Floodwall overlooking the city, Richmond, VA

The second location was much more relaxed and fun, reflecting the positive and silly side of Dan’s personality. We chose the floodwall area overlooking the city, which provided a beautiful, scenic backdrop. Dan wore casual street clothes, which contrasted nicely with the professional look of the courthouse shots.

Pro Tip: Golden hour is the best time for vibrant and warm photos, enhancing the natural beauty of outdoor locations.

Capturing Dan’s Personality

Dan’s laid-back and quirky personality shone through in both settings. Here are some of the key elements that made the shoot a success:

Coaching and Comfort: Since Dan mentioned he hadn’t had many photos taken before, we provided gentle coaching on poses and expressions. This helped him relax and feel more comfortable, resulting in natural and authentic brand photography.

Wardrobe Choices: The contrast between the suit for the courthouse shots and casual clothes for the floodwall photos perfectly captured the dual aspects of Dan’s brand – professional yet informal and humorous.

Use of Props and Environment: Incorporating the natural and architectural elements of each location added depth and context to the photos. The courthouse steps and columns provided a dramatic effect, while the open space and city skyline at the floodwall created a light-hearted and free-spirited vibe.

Dan Feldman’s branding photoshoot in Richmond, VA, was a fantastic experience that perfectly captured his unique blend of professionalism and humor. At EmmiClaire Photography, we are dedicated to helping you express yourself in your brand photography through creative and personalized photos. Don’t wait – contact us today to schedule your branding photoshoot and let’s create something amazing together!

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