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Edgar Family Portrait Session

Jun 13, 2021

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but there truly are no words to describe the lasting magic of a family portrait session. Why? Because family portraits are still-framed memories captured for you to cherish for the rest of time. Whether you look at your family portraits 1 year or 50 years down the road, you’ll be transported to that place, that time, those people you love, and that morning spent together as a family.

Keeping Your Photos Authentic

The love between the Edgar family was apparent from the moment I met them on location in Maymont Park. I knew that love would shine through in their photographs, making for authentic images.

Can’t you feel the love radiating between these sweethearts?

I find that the gentlemen are usually reluctant to crack a smile. No worries for this pro though! I had the boys grinning in no time.

The girls, on the other hand, seemed mostly at ease in front of the camera!

Including Kids in Your Family Portrait Session

It’s sometimes a challenge to wrangle so many people at the same time to capture the perfect family portrait. Add kids into the mix, and it get’s even more complicated. But in the end it’s 100% worth the effort. Those kid moments are so fleeting. That’s why it’s so important to capture as many of them as possible.

But one of the great things about including kids in your family portrait session is that they remind you not to take yourself too seriously!

This little guy really stole the show! His need to move and play and be goofy really helped me capture lifestyle photos instead of stale, posed images.

My Favorites from The Edgar Family Portrait Session

It was a true delight spending the afternoon with the Edgar family! I was thrilled to record these moments in time. Take a peek below at some of my other favorite shots of the day!

Is there anything sweeter than intimate one on one moments between family members?

These father-son moments are absolutely stunning. I hope that, come what may, they’ll both look back on these images and remember the bond they share.

The days seem long, but the years fly by. So stop, take a moment, soak it all in, and capture the moments you’ll never want to forget.

Ready to schedule your family portrait session?

Contact me today! I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your family so I can capture your story and unique personalities in heirloom images that your family will cherish for the rest of time!

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  1. Tracie Edgar says:

    This was the best day and the photos are so great and will be cherished forever!! thank you so much!

  2. Tracie Edgar says:

    This day was so fun and the photos will be cherished forever!!! thank you so much!!

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