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It’s Always A Good Time For Senior Photos!

Feb 21, 2021

Graduation season is just around the corner, and it’s unbelievable how quickly time passes! For those families who haven’t gotten them yet, now is the perfect time to get senior pictures done. Some of my favorite portraits to shoot are senior portraits, and Richmond provides so many amazing opportunities for seniors to display their personalities!

Still stressed and thinking you’re behind the curve? No worries! While it may seem late to book a senior photography session, late winter/early spring is just as great as a summer or fall backdrop for your senior to shine; here’s why!

Picture-Perfect Locations

Whether you’re looking for lively cityscapes or country comfort, Richmond has so much to offer in terms of portrait locations! Parks, colorful neighborhoods, the riverbank, and even the capitol building all provide wonderful backdrops for your senior photos. Is your graduate attending a local college or university in the fall? Let’s get some photos there, too!

Fashion-Worthy Weather

While other places across the country might be frostbitten and freezing, Richmond has fairly moderate weather this time of year; which makes it the perfect time for fashionable layers! Not too hot, not too cold, your senior can feel comfortable in their favorite outfit choices without needing to bundle up or feeling too stuffy.

A Great Time for Props!

While the natural foliage isn’t as bold as a summer or autumn session, now is the time to really let your senior and their passions shine! Whether your student is an athlete, a musician, a budding artist, or an animal lover, this is a great opportunity to incorporate fun prop items into their shoot to showcase their unique skills and personality.

There’s Still Time!

I know you may be worried that February or March is a little late for photos…but you still have plenty of time! If you book a senior photography session now, there is still time to order prints, graduation announcements, and any other photo items you may want as keepsakes from this special time. They should all be ready with time to spare!

Find the Richmond Senior Photographer That’s Right for Your Graduate

Finding the right photographer can be difficult. You want someone who will make your senior feel comfortable and make them laugh, not someone who will stifle their creativity or give them stiff poses! At EmmiClaire Photography, I take the time to get to know your graduate. This is a special time in their life, and they deserve their time in the spotlight.

In addition to being able to travel to your senior’s favorite local places, I also have studio space available for traditional portraits!

If you’re ready to book your senior photo session, contact me today!

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