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Traditional Black-Tie Cathedral Wedding // Meredith & Philip // The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

Feb 14, 2021


I’m not one to use this word lightly, but when Meredith used it to describe her elegant, traditional black-tie wedding at The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, I couldn’t think of a better choice!

Overcoming all of the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, these two celebrated their love in an intimate and heart-stirring ceremony, surrounded by their closest friends and family. The cathedral itself was awe-inspiring, and the love shared by Meredith and Philip was equally as stirring; there couldn’t have been a more perfect backdrop for the nuptials of this beautiful couple.

In a day filled with emotion, I got to experience that love first-hand; and it’s one for the ages! Through the palpable history and holiness of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, and the warmth and joy of those in attendance, this intimate ceremony blossomed into the dream wedding for Meredith and Philip.

I reached out to Meredith following the celebration to get her own reflections on the big day, and now I’m excited to share that information with you!

The Bride’s Vision

What drew you to choose your venue? Was the location of your wedding what youʼd always dreamed of? What was your favorite part about the space?

The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart is an absolutely beautiful church and my husband has always wanted to get married in a beautiful cathedral. The church reminds me of a lot of the Catholic churches I’ve seen while traveling in Europe, so it felt like a little vacation while we were getting married.

Did you have an initial idea of what you wanted to wear? What about your partner? The bridal party?

I originally thought I would wear a long sleeve lace wedding dress, but tried all those gowns on and didn’t “feel” anything. I tried on a few wedding dresses for fun and found the one. It had everything I like. I love lots of beading, exposed backs, and very dramatic trains. It still had lace as well, so it satisfied all the requirements. 

Did your wedding have a particular theme, color scheme, or décor style? How did you choose to decorate your space for the ceremony and reception? Was any part of the wedding DIY?

We wanted a more formal, black tie “vibe” for the wedding. Our colors were ruby red, gold, and black. For the ceremony, we chose to focus on lots of roses and elegant looking decorations. The church was already beautiful, so it didn’t need too much extra decoration. 

What was the floral design like for your wedding? Did you use flowers in any of your design elements, like bouquets, centerpieces, or ceremony backdrop/altar?

We used roses and baby’s breath and greenery to create a very wintery floral arrangement. The church still had their poinsettias up for the Christmas season which added to the altar arrangements. 

What was the most anticipated moment of your wedding day?

The exchanging of the rings and the vows.

What “traditions” did you choose to keep for your wedding day? What traditions did you choose to not follow- and what (if anything) did you do in place?

We exchanged traditional wedding vows. They’re classic and I don’t think I could ever write anything as heartfelt. Since we did the ceremony in a Catholic church, everything was pretty traditional. 

Reflections After The Wedding

Tell me about life post-wedding? What is your best advice for newlyweds AFTER the wedding?

Make sure you communicate and NEVER hold a grudge. You can always find a solution for ANY issue. Work with your partner and talk it out! Also, remember that your partner is not a mind reader.

When you look back at your day, what are the moments that truly stand out in your memory?

That it was very intimate and small for the ceremony. The pandemic has made things a little bit “different” to say the least, but that will be one of the reasons why it’s memorable. We will have our reception later in 2021.

Do you have any advice for couples planning their big day?

Get a planner. I had one for the reception, but for the ceremony, I didn’t. I really wish that I did though. It’ll save you so much headache. 

Keep scrolling to see some of my other favorite shots from their day!

Wedding Vendors

Photographer – Emily from EmmiClaire Photography

Venue – The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

Wedding Dress – Tiffany’s Bridal

Accessories – Etsy and Halcyon Vintage

Hair & Makeup Artist – Mahsa Movaffaghi

Bridesmaids Dresses – Amazon

Suits – Smart Formalwear

Florist – Kenneth Clary

Invitations – Simply to Impress

Wedding Photography

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